Experience total revitalization with the KB Collagen plus whitening tablet as it brings you the most complete system renewal packed in tablet form. KB Collagen plus Whitening tablet contains Fish Collagen *(1000 mg) to replenish our collagen stores that our body begins to lose from age 20. Collagen is important in maintaining skin health as well as the structural integrity of our joint cartilage. The Chicken Cartilage extract *(100 mg) blended into KB Collagen also helps relieve swollen joints and heal the body naturally. The Silk Peptide *(50 mg), Pearl Powder *(3 mg) and Pearl Coix Extract *(100 mg) work to complement the Fish Collagen in revitalizing the skin and give it a natural fair and pinkish glow. CoQ10 *(20 mg) is included in the blend to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Vitamin E *(40 mg) adds to the anti-ageing qualities of KB Collagen Tablet. Swallow Nest Extract *(10 mg) and Vitamin C *(200 mg) completes the one-of-a-kind KB Collagen plus Whitening Tablet formulation to help strengthen the immune system.


  1. pleasant video, will try just one of your codes as well. many thanks j

  2. Emma says:

    You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful arctiles.

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